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Our Company at a Glance

    Here at Altawest Services LTD, we are dedicated to you and all your oil and gas heating needs.

    Started as a cooler cleaning company, we have evolved over the last 12+ years gaining experience and customer education to the company we are today. We have the ability to adapt our trucks, servicing tactics and training facility; we are now a superior provider who can alleviate the stress this industry experiences.

Some of What We provide:

Steam Heat for all your oil and gas needs

Herman Nelson pickup mounted heaters for buildings

Picker services
Complete gas compression cooler cleaning

Pressure washing services for buildings, equipment etc.

Vac trailer service

Choosing Your Heating Company

    Our steam trucks have the ability to provide dry steam, saturated steam and pressure testing all on one mobile unit. We provide a higher standard of efficiency and safety. Altawest is your solution to any heating situation that may arise. Customer satisfaction is our commitment to you.

Our proud Accomplishments:

24/7 service.

Friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

Ability to provide any number of trucks for any job has become our trademark.

Our season length of 2-3 months is shorter than the standard.

We did not lose any employees during drug and alcohol inspection.

We hold a business licence with M.D. of Opportunity No 17 for a number of years.

We have our own training facility which is malleable for our training situations.

We are a member of several community groups including Chamber of Commerce.

We give back to the community throughout the province in monetary donations and are hands on in charity events.

We have no time lost due to our own neglect.

Taking Care of Your Business

    We know how important it is to your operation that everything runs smoothly. This is especially true in the winter with extreme weather. We commit to providing you a superior product that suits all of your needs.

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