Some of What We Provide

  • Steam heat for all your oil and gas needs
  • Complete cooler cleaning for gas compression, refridge, propane, and amine units
  • Pressure washing services for buildings, equipment, etc.

Heating Units

Premium Dry Steamers

At Altawest we build our own steamers. We are continually improving our design which gives our trucks additional capabilities; as in dry steam, saturated steam, pressure washing and pressure testing for more fuel-efficient and water-efficient units.

Mobile Boiler

Our 40 hp mobile boiler provides on-demand steam and is also equipped with a pressure washing system.

Herman Nelson

We offer truck mobile-mounted units. They provide safe, dry heat for buildings, pump jacks, and motors.

Flameless Heater

We have a 375,000 BTU Therm Dynamic flameless heater that can be set up and left unmanned.

Other Units

Cooler Cleaning

During the summer months you can book your turn around with us. Our well-trained team can clean all your gas compression coolers using our biodegradable chemicals and following our specialized procedures.

Picker Services

Our 1-ton picker is available to our customers for any picker needs.

Vacuum Service

Our mini combo unit (vacuum trailer/pressure washer) can handle projects from digging and cleaning out cattle guards, small cleaning or daylighting jobs, as well as septic hauling, cleaning, and maintenance. In our fleet we also have a full-code tandem straight vacuum truck.